Well, today I learned that “that man” allows b to call his girlfriend “mommy!” I don’t know what in the fuck is wrong with these two, but they are certainly made for each other. How, in good conscience, would you allow another person’s child to call you mommy? It’s not like I’m dead or an absentee parent. This just goes to show how self absorbed and idiotic they truly are. I just don’t understand. He even tried to blame it on the books they read, and then he tried to justify it by saying that b calls me “my mommy” and his girlfriend “mommy”. Wtf!? Those are piss pore excuses. I’m so sick of dealing with the disrespect. At least now I know why b wouldn’t say her name. They’re playing a sick game with my child.


So tonight, after much back and forth, I met the gf. As I said earlier, it was pretty much a waste of time because she pretty much has no mind of her own and repeated most of what ‘that man’ has been saying. ‘That man’ tried to be all in the middle of the conversation, but I told him to let her talk to me alone. She’s grown and should be able to have a grown up conversation.

She says didn’t feel it was her place to meet me even though she knew I didn’t want her around. She also said that she didn’t feel that she should meet me early on in their relationship because she didn’t know how long they were together. If that was really the case, then why be around a baby!? I told her she was disrespectful to knowingly be around my child when I did not want her to, and I really question her character as a result of her choices.

I agree that it was ‘that man’s’ responsibility to introduce us, but he was too busy being a douchebag and trying to prove that he could be in a relationship. He pretty much failed in that area.

I went and got b to see how he would react to her. I ashes him who she was, and he didn’t reply. He just put his head down and made noises. She informed me that b calls her ‘mommy’. Really!? I kept my cool though. Then to deflect, ‘that man’, tries to say that I have a bf who b calls ‘papi’! Nice try asshole!

I also shared my disgust about not informing me about the new baby and told her how b has been acting out. She said she would talk to ‘that man’ about that. Why in the hell does she have to talk to a grown ass man about his child?

Overall, I feel this was a waste of time, but at least I got to express my concerns. All I can do is pray that my child is safe when he’s over there. There’s an old saying that says something like, “God protects babies and fools.” That man is a fool with a baby, so b is doubly protected.

He tried it!

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8pm Sunday is b’s designated drop off day. 8pm comes and goes. I figure maybe they’re running late. 8:15 comes, so I send a text stating that it’s after 8pm. “That man” responds by saying that he’s keeping b since Monday is a holiday. I told him no, that’s not in the agreement, and asked him to bring b home. He responds that he always keeps b when Monday is a holiday. Not true. There have been a couple of occasions where he asked if he could keep him until Monday, and I agreed. There also been times when I asked if he wanted to keep b, and he has said no. So no pattern has been established. Every time we agreed that he would keep b until Monday, there was a (text) discussion. Never has there been a time that I assumed he would keep b without a discussion.

So “that man” goes on to say how I have a selective memory, and he doesn’t have time to argue with me. I told him there was nothing to argue about, and to bring b home (again). Finally, he sends a text saying he’s bringing him, like he had any other choice. He dropped him off without incident around 9 pm.

Being that “that man” is very predictable, fully anticipate him to try to find some way to exact his revenge on me because he couldn’t keep b. He’ll probably bring him home with another fucked up haircut. Or find something else to pick a text-fight over.

I thought I handled the situation well. I didn’t freak out. I didn’t call cursing and fussing. I didn’t show up a his house demanding my child. I didn’t call the cops, and I definitely could have since he violated the order. Maybe that’s what I’ll do if this situation arises again.

Let’s see what tomorrow holds…

I guess “that man” woke up yesterday morning feeling the great need to get on my last damn nerve. He sends me a text saying my sons hair looks matted.

Now, if you read ‘The haircut from hell,’ you already know I feel some type of way about my sons hair. A couple of months ago, we agreed to let it grow out. Before b’s awful subpar haircut, he had a head full of curly hair. I’m trying to get his hair back to the curly state, but the haircut pretty much disrupted his curl pattern. It’s curly on the sides straight in some places, nappy in others. But I digress…

I informed “that man” that I was trying to reestablish b’s curl pattern that was ruined. I don’t comb b’s hair out into an afro (like he does, it’s not the fucking 70’s), that defeats the purpose of trying to grow his hair back. I informed him that I use moisturizing products, not grease. He goes on to text that b doesn’t have a curl pattern. Being that he’s been balding since his 20’s, I guess I’m at fault for expecting him to comprehend hair care. But damn, isn’t his girlfriend there? Guess she doesn’t know too much about hair care either.

Anyway, he threatens that if I don’t comb b’s hair into an afro, he’s going to have his hair cut. Here we go with this shit again! I guess he wants a replay of what happened the last time he had b’s haircut without my permission.

Y’all pray for me! ✌️

Over the weekend, I found out that “that man” and his girlfriend have a new baby. He didn’t have the courtesy to let me know; I found out from someone else. So when he dropped b off on Sunday, I asked if he had anything to tell me. This fool says, “No,” and had a dumb look on his face. I tell him that when he does things in his life that affect b, he needs to let me know, and I wished him a good night. He then wanted to go around in circles asking what I was talking about, and eventually (10 minutes later) admits what I already know. He gives this bullshit explanation about how he likes to do things in his own timeframe & blah, blah blah… I told him that I definitely need to meet his gf now. He goes on to say he’s been trying to arrange it, but he didn’t want me to meet her while she was pregnant because I would upset her, and cause harm to the baby- ultimate bullshit!

I let him know that not informing me of the pregnancy/baby was immature, inconsiderate, and trifling. I need to be informed about anything that will affect my child, end of argument. Why not tell me? What in the hell am I going to do about it- hunt the girl down and force her to have an abortion?

He became so defensive, yelling and carrying on. He wouldn’t move when I was trying to close the door. What’s there to yell about? You have a new baby, why are you yelling? Why are you mad that I know? I think it’s funny.

I’m just sick of dealing with him, and if have decided to give him the same courtesy that he has been giving me. Fuck trying to be civil. I’m done! At this point I have no interest in even meeting her.

The case surrounding Myls Dobson is another example why parents need to be cautious about who they have their children around. It is one of my greatest fears. It is exactly why I wanted the contact info for “that man’s” girlfriend. Sadly, children being abused by a parent’s significant other happens frequently. Some people value companionship over the safety of their children.

People are far too comfortable with the anonymity of social media; it gives them the courage to say things that they know damn well they wouldn’t dare utter publicly. This has to stop. This picture pretty much sums up my thoughts on Ms Jeantel. I am completely disgusted by the onslaught of hate directed in this young lady’s direction. People can be so judgmental, smh.